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Everyone knows that Extreme Kream adores hard, deep anal sex. In these videos she is being butt fucked by a dildo machine – perfect for her, as it can drill her anus for hours & hours and will never tire! Kream controls the intensity of the fucking and as she feels herself about to cum, she turns it to full throttle – we all know what’ll happen next – her cunt starts GUSHING cum all over the place..

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Extreme Kream fucked in the ass with a giant dildo, till her CUNT gushes squirt

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Extreme Kream deepthroting cock, like only she can…

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If you want a truly memorable blowjob…you really ought to get a slut like Extreme Kream on the end of your dick…this bitch was built to be face fucked :)

In this video a lucky bastard is getting by far the best blowjob of his life from Kream…she deep throats like no other…she even managed to swallow his balls as she gobbled his manhood straight down her throat…when he’s ready to shoot jizz she commands him to give to her straight down her throat….who could resist such an offer!?

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Extreme Kream, alone with a large glass dildo

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In many ways Extreme Kream is a very easy girl to satisfy & please – just give her a large glass dildo and let her do what comes naturally :)

In this video Kream is stretching her infamous cunt with a large glass dildo – she is never gentle with her pussy, and today she is feeling especially horny….it’s all going to end in an inevitable squirting orgasms for Kream….her pussy juices will be splattering all over the kitchen floor!

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Anal prolapsing queen, Extreme Kream :)

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Kream is not known as the anal queen for nothing – she loves getting her tight little asshole abused for your pleasure – in this episode a slutty girlfriend of hers is abused her ass with a giant brutal dildo…how much extreme anal dildo fucking can Kream handle!?  As much as this bitch can give her!

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Kream uses anal beads before licking them clean

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Sometimes you have to wonder just how much punishemnt & abuse Extreme Kreams asshole can take – she has being fucked so hard, and had so many objects jammed up it, its totally gaped & beyond repair.  In these new videos, Kream is playing with some anal beads - she stuffs them all deep in her ass before slowly pulling them out – and licking them clean – what a kinky, extreme, unique bitch she is :)

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Kreams new Asian girlfrind is a very special girl :)   Kream loves how she fucks her juicy pussy with a large glass dildo – it takes no time at all till Kreams cunt is gushing with her pussy juice - this girl really has the knack of getting kream off :)   In these pictures from Extreme, you can see just what a great couple they make – whether it’s eating pussy or dildoing each others hole – these girls are just made for each other :)

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Kream fucked in the ass by a huge strapon dildo

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Extreme Kream isn’t known as the ‘anal queen’ for nothing :) Even when she’s fucking with her lesbian girlfrind, anal sex is never far from her mind.  In these videos from brand new site HIGE STRAPON LESBIANS, she is taking a monster strapon dildo deep in the the ass :)   Her girlfrind is showing her anus no mercy and pounding it hard and deep, just how Kream likes it – what cock can measure up to that huge strapon!?

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